What is Singapore Pools?

Many Singaporeans prefer mixing gambling and watching sports for the best experience. Sports bettors frequent SG pools odds to see the offered sports events and take note of the available odds.

Online casinos allow gamblers and sports betting to register, especially with the help of a trusted sportsbook. It may cause problems for Singaporean bettors, as they are technically banned from betting on any other option than the legal one. Singapore Pools is the only legal option for gambling in the country. It also serves to fight illegal gambling and provide safe betting options to Singaporeans.

Singapore Pools is currently the only legal lottery subsidiary in Singapore that offers various sports betting options. Providing a safe, legal, and trusted avenue for gambling can counter illegal betting, along with laws such as the Common Gaming Act, Betting Act, and Remote Betting Act in Singapore that regulate gambling and sports betting.

Singapore Pools is primarily a state-owned lottery subsidiary that offers sports betting, lottery, and remote gambling. While Horse Racing is under the Singapore Turf Club, betting operations are being handled by Singapore Pools. 

Aside from horse racing, there is also Singapore Pools football opening odds and motor racing options. Many people are familiar with the typical foreign sportsbook that can offer more sports selections, making it a more enticing choice that many bettors consider.

The selections in Singapore Pools are often limited compared to the betting and sports markets offered by many foreign sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks allow people to start betting as early as 18 years old, but Singaporeans cannot bet until they turn 21.

Singaporean bettors can choose to bet on online foreign casinos and sportsbooks, but they can also opt to place their wagers through Singapore Pools legally. 

For more information about the betting scene in Singapore and the available betting options, see this infographic from CM2 Bet.